above things

above things - Sunny spot in the treetops 


You are up here with an imposing view of the village and the beautiful old trees, like a bird whos flying at the same level. Whether on the balcony, in the sitting area, at the dining table, or comfortably in bed - intense light moods at different times of the day and year create a special atmosphere that wonderfully takes you away from everyday life. Whether the gardeners are awakening their gardens for a new season in spring or preparing for hibernation in autumn, whether the strollers are passing through Louis-Nathan-Allee or the residents of Waldmüllerstrasse, which is far opposite, are going about their lives, whoever likes has a view of the hustle and bustle in the village or draws the curtain. You can slip into the role of the open-minded observer in a relaxed and entertaining way, feel somehow in the middle of it all, be distanced at the same time and always remain elevated above the action.

The spacious kitchen with good equipment offers the possibility to cook for friends and family, a cozy sleeping alcove holds space for an extra bed. When will you nest up here under the roof?

bei einer Belegung von 2 Personen € 170,- pro Nacht
including bed linen, towels, final cleaning, VAT & accommodation tax.

WiFi and flat screen TV are available

Extra bed adult € 20,- per night
Extra bed child € 10,- per night
Dog on request € 15,- per night

above things - Sunny spot in the treetops