Glade – colors, sky, tree trunks and meadow

Attic, 56 m², with a balcony and east/west/south-facing skylights

A cosy sleeping alcove, a couch with a recliner, a solid Meranti dining and writing table at the centre of the room, a fully-equipped kitchen, and above all – the connecting door to life on the balcony. For those who wish to immerse themselves in the manifold moods of the park, feast their eyes on fresh foliage in springtime, deep green treetops in summer, wind-dancing or placidly gliding autumn leaves – a revelatory natural spectacle awaits you through the magnificent gable end window. In spring, when everything awakens, or in summer when time seems to stand still – mealtimes enjoyed up here are like picnics in a glade…

The glade, which lends its name to this apartment, is not merely visible in less leafy seasons. It is a vast, expansive meadow adjoined by a small gulley and attractive circular path at its edges. Up here under the roof, silence is audible – when in late autumn and winter the dark, rain-damp stripes appear on the tree trunks in wide, glistening strokes. What a sight to behold when frost reveals the structure of trees and their branching patterns become visible. Those in search of peace and seclusion will find it here. Each day has a colour all its own – wake up in the morning and head straight to the park, straight into life.

2 person occupancy, € 120 per night
including bed linen, towels, final cleaning, value added tax & overnight tax

equipped with WiFi and flat screen television

additional bed for an adult, € 20 per night
additional bed for a child, € 10 per night
bicycle hire € 10 per day

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