The Châlet

In the second half of the 19th century, Prince Charles of Prussia commissioned architect Ferdinand von Arnim to build an ensemble of around 10 so-called Swiss houses in Potsdam / Klein-Glienicke. Situated in the idyllic vicinity of woodlands, meadows and brooks, it still recalls the Zeitgeist of reverence for all things Swiss common to that period. The Parkchâlet replaces one of the Swiss houses that were destroyed during construction of the Berlin Wall. It is located at the base of Mount Böttcher, in the forest-like foothills of Glienicker Park, amidst the stunning beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Three parks and palaces are in the direct vicinity and the centre of Potsdam, as well as additional palaces and gardens, new art museum Barbarini and Berlin are all quick to get to.

The Parkchâlet building has adopted the cubature and important design features of its predecessor. These comprise the building’s slate roof, all round balcony, colour scheme and distinctive chimneys. Back then, Carl was eager to achieve the look and feel of an alpine-like structure. With these picturesque buildings and a landscape carefully designed to be in harmony with them, the prince created “his perceived Switzerland”. In contrast to the former building, the present structure has large windows, which let in light, nature and surroundings. The interior and exterior flow into one another, elegantly crafting both a stimulating and peaceful ambience, in which one is invited to leave all one’s cares behind.

An announcement from 1864 states, “In the newly built, romantically situated Swiss Houses in Klein Glienicke near Potsdam, there are still several elegantly furnished apartments available to hire.”

Due to the fall of the Berlin Wall the Parkchâlet was once again able to take up position on its historic site, or more specifically, to be erected anew. The picturesque surroundings haven’t altered till today and by continuing the rental tradition, we would thereby make it accessible to a great many people.

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