Apartments in Potsdam

Down to Earth – light, fresh air and life on the terrace

Hillside level, 75 m², with a south-facing terrace

A bright, friendly apartment with red oak parquet flooring, extended by a clay brick patio. Survey the scene from the central kitchen island. It functions as both a serving counter and lookout. While cooking, take in the splendid green view or converse with a counterpart seated vis-à-vis at the dining table. A beautiful outlook can also be enjoyed from the comfort of the double bed. Behind it, separated by a glass door, lies a dressing room which can also be used as a small second bedroom if required. At the very latest, one is certain to feel down to earth by the time one opens the shutters, blinks into the light and steps out onto the terrace. A perfect spot for the first beverage of the morning – or perhaps tucked up in bed with the door flung open? Either way, one certainly could grow accustomed to an outdoor life with such striking panoramic views of meadows, majestic beech and oak trees and nearby garden…


Atelier – light and space

Ground floor, 25 m², with outdoor seating on the south-eastern side

Gaze up through the ridge skylight from the snug comfort of the double bed and watch the sky, clouds and stars. This cosy one room apartment with a ceiling height of 4 metres and visible roof construction is not merely conducive to a good night’s rest or relaxed read, but also concentrated work. A large table provides ample space for writing and contemplation, or a dinner for two. The small kitchen unit with a refrigerator and glass-ceramic cooktop is fully equipped. Whether showering with a view of parkland trees or taking in the outlook from the panorama windows on the village side – here one lives surrounded by nature.

Curiosity – broadening horizons

Ground floor, 137 m², with a south-west facing terrace

“Those who lack curiosity, discover nothing”, as Goethe once wrote, and one might well assume that he wouldn’t be the only one to feel content in this wonderfully versatile apartment. A communicative kitchen island centres the room, within view of the ample dining table, perfectly positioned to receive the morning sun. Three sets of south-facing French doors let the sun in, right inside the living space – with the adjoining terrace positioned towards the west. There are three sleeping options: a fold-out couch in the study; a small bedroom; and a large bedroom with magnificent panorama views of meadows, woods and parklands. The latter can be framed by drawing the curtains to compose panoramic details of varying size…

Bel étage – the beautiful floor, on the sunny side of life

First floor, 155 m², with all round balcony, facing all directions

Parkchâlet’s most representative rooms can be found in the bel étage, light-filled, high-ceilinged, offering a variety of views and crowned with an all round balcony.

Book bel étage either in its entirety, or as two individual apartments. The generous design throughout the floor is delightful to behold. By opening the dividing door to the park-side apartment, additional views and panoramas are revealed.

In the apartment, bel étage-Allee (88 m², with an east-south-west facing balcony) a golden mirror becomes an enchanting focal point in the juxtaposition of old and new. Its interplay with sunlight fills the clear architecture with warmth. Whether one takes breakfast on the east-facing balcony, a sunbath in the south or a sundowner on the west-facing balcony, one is always – for those who so desire – on the sunny side of life. In the fully-equipped kitchen, framed by a variety of stunning views, cooking becomes an act of sheer pleasure. The large, communicative windows act as intermediaries between the outside and inside. They usher in the delightful lighting ambience generated by the all round balcony, right into the very heart of each room. The round dining table with comfortable wicker chairs, as well as an armchair reading corner provide for restful cosiness.

Glade – colors, sky, tree trunks and meadow

Attic, 56 m², with a balcony and east/west/south-facing skylights

A cosy sleeping alcove, a couch with a recliner, a solid Meranti dining and writing table at the centre of the room, a fully-equipped kitchen, and above all – the connecting door to life on the balcony. For those who wish to immerse themselves in the manifold moods of the park, feast their eyes on fresh foliage in springtime, deep green treetops in summer, wind-dancing or placidly gliding autumn leaves – a revelatory natural spectacle awaits you through the magnificent gable end window. In spring, when everything awakens, or in summer when time seems to stand still – mealtimes enjoyed up here are like picnics in a glade…

Above it All – a sunny spot among the treetops

Attic, 74 m², with a south-facing balcony and two ridge skylights

Up here, one is certainly above it all, with an impressive view of the surrounding area and wonderfully beautiful tree population – like a bird, at the same height as the treetops. Whether on the balcony, in the sitting area, at the dining table or cosily tucked-up in bed – vivid displays of lighting ambience throughout the day and changing seasons create a particular atmosphere of delightful diversion from the everyday. Whether its gardeners in springtime who reawaken their gardens to a new season, or busily prepare them for winter dormancy in autumn; whether its passers-by who happen to stroll along Louis-Nathan-Allee or residents of the remotely adjacent Waldmüllerstrasse setting about their daily business – the comings and goings can be observed by those who so wish, or simply disregarded by drawing the curtains closed. One can take on the diverting role of relaxed and receptive onlooker, and feel like a part of the action, while simultaneously remaining aloof and – above it all.