Bel étage – the beautiful floor, on the sunny side of life

First floor, 155 m², with all round balcony, facing all directions

Parkchâlet’s most representative rooms can be found in the bel étage, light-filled, high-ceilinged, offering a variety of views and crowned with an all round balcony.

Book bel étage either in its entirety, or as two individual apartments. The generous design throughout the floor is delightful to behold. By opening the dividing door to the park-side apartment, additional views and panoramas are revealed.

In the apartment, bel étage-Allee (88 m², with an east-south-west facing balcony) a golden mirror becomes an enchanting focal point in the juxtaposition of old and new. Its interplay with sunlight fills the clear architecture with warmth. Whether one takes breakfast on the east-facing balcony, a sunbath in the south or a sundowner on the west-facing balcony, one is always – for those who so desire – on the sunny side of life. In the fully-equipped kitchen, framed by a variety of stunning views, cooking becomes an act of sheer pleasure. The large, communicative windows act as intermediaries between the outside and inside. They usher in the delightful lighting ambience generated by the all round balcony, right into the very heart of each room. The round dining table with comfortable wicker chairs, as well as an armchair reading corner provide for restful cosiness.

The park-side view belonging to the smaller apartment (67 m², with all round balcony) presents a richly diverse array of seasonal allure. Light streams in through the south-facing window all day until evening falls. The late sun from the west veritably floods the room, immersing it in golden-red hues of light. Comfort is catered for with a cosy sofa and inviting table. The bathroom, with its shower and park-view bathtub, entice one to indulge in relaxation while beholding the beauty of the trees. Floor plan (PDF)

bel étage in its entirety, 4 person maximum occupancy € 240 per night
bel étage Allee, 2 person occupancy € 150 per night
bel étage Park, 2 person occupancy € 130 per night
including bed linen, towels, final cleaning, value added tax & overnight tax

equipped with WiFi and flat screen television

additional bed for an adult, € 20 per night
additional bed for a child, € 10 per night
bicycle hire € 10 per day

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